4a Hair Care Regimen

Using this all natural product immediate after washing gives our hair the addition moisture it craves and makes our pretty a b curls POP! The last step in any basic a regimen is SEALING you must use an oil over all that moisture to keep it in!! I recommend all natural almond or Castor oil..For those new to the natural scene as well as old time curlies who just haven t gotten the hang of it, there s nothing more overwhelming and time consuming than figuring out a healthy hair regimen! Returning or transitioning to natural hair is usually a time of education and experimentation. To avoid wasting products, .Cream. a hair requires a layer of thick cream to coat the hair strand and protect the shaft. You can also opt to use a butter only, like shea or mango. Kinky Curly Curling Custard or Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie are both excellent choices if you want to use a product that will hold and define your curls..At the core of every healthy natural hair journey is a basic natural hair care regimen. If you don t want to become a kitchen chemist and mix essential oils, eggs, mayo or whatever else you have read you do not have to. Here s the breakdown of how to build a no nonsense healthy natural hair care regimen..My Natural Hair Care Routine How I Grew My Hair to Waist Length. I often get asked about my natural hair care routine or regimen. Over the years I have learned how to properly grow and used to grow my hair to waist length. Hair Type Afro textured, coily, fine medium strands, dense hair, some refer to my hair as a b..For my curly and highly textured, type la.s, here is a great hair care regimen you can use as a guide to build your own. This example regimen is just a starting place for those of you who are just building your regimen, or it can serve as simply an example, it s all up to you. Now since highly textured la.s can get away .Watch me in HD Hey all my lovely naturals! In this video I show you all exactly what I do on wash days and .A cursory look at most natural hair blogs or forums will reveal this regimen or something similar as a general template for taking care of your natural hair. I even I don t know about you but as a c a natural with just past bra strap length hair BSL , it generally takes me at least hours from start to finish..Still, you want to stick to your goals for healthy hair and length retention. What, oh what is a girl to do? Here, is how I care and protect my hair over the course of a month. For those of you with coily kinks like me I hope this regimen will assist you in some area of your hair care journey. I tweak this regimen .Lately alot of ILMKCNH members are inquiring about hair care regimens stating, “I feel lost”. Guess what, we all do at some point. But the feeling doesn t have to last. This my personal hair care regimen so feel free to tweak for your personal needs. This is only to act as a guideline for those who feel like they are “all over the .