American Girl Doll Hair Care Kit

The hair care kit is quite useful. The moisture resistant cape is great for keeping spray off the doll s clothes and body. Be careful not to spray her face, though. The styling brush is perfect for the doll s hair, and the spray bottle is so handy. I put distilled water in mine. The perm rods are the real thing, just much narrower than .She ll be ready to brush, braid, and frizz tame her doll s hair with this easy to use hairstyle kit, including specially formulated smoothing spray for dolls..

Well, it’s time to see what’s happening with our friend Mia Moyer in Part of “Traveling Doll Mia”! Mia Moyer was sitting at the breakfast table .If you go on the American Girl website, you can play games that are more fun and age appropriate and free. I was really surprised at the word challenge game..