Best Hair Care Products For Transitioning From Relaxer To Natural

Growing out a perm is the slow and steady way to win the race, but it s a process that s often met with frustration. It will take a Of course, a positive attitude is the most important part, but it doesn t hurt to have some of the best natural hair products to boost your confidence and restore your faith in your curls.. We called on the top curl connoisseurs in the industry to fill us in on their tried and true products for transitioning to natural hair. “When the chemical bonds in your hair are no longer being broken down with a relaxer, this leaves you with curly roots and chemically relaxed ends, aka your hair strands are .

Try massaging your scalp with Organic Virgin non refined coconut oil. It moisturizes your scalp, gets rid of dandruff and makes hair grow faster..By now you’ve probably heard all about Shea Moisture, or seen the brand of natural hair products prominently displayed at your nearby Target or Walgreens .