Black Baby Hair Care

How should I care for my baby s hair? Most African American babies are born with thick, coarse, curly or wavy hair that requires special care. Overwashing can strip away the natural oils of the scalp and leave hair dry, brittle, and frizzy..In my time within the natural hair kids space I ve received tons and tons of questions. Surprisingly enough, a lot of those questions involve how to properly take care of an African American baby s hair. The reason why getting these questions is so surprising is because from when your child is a newborn to .After I wrote my third article on how to take care of an African American baby s hair, I began to get inundated with questions regarding everything from whether or not my child sleeps on a satin pillowcase she does to what types of shampoos to use. But the main question that I see over and over involves .You need to pay close attention to how you take care of your baby s hair, but you don t have to do too much to it. Those times will come later, and you will remember with longing when you didn t have to do too much of anything to make your little darling s hair look beautiful. Some African American babies are born with nary a .Black hair doesn t create its own oil, and will get much drier than other hair types. Therefore, it is important to keep the scalp and hair well oiled. Babies hair tends to be very soft, but as kids get older, it will get thirstier. There are many different types of curl and grades of hair some are drier than others, so there is a bit of trial .Your precious little bundle is your pride and joy, but keeping her hair well cared for can be a challenge. Keep in mind, the texture will likely change over the course of the next few years, but routine care keeps it healthy and lustrous at any stage..Baby Natural Hair Care | How to care for Baby s Hair NATURAL HAIR MUST HAVES Detangling brush http .Subscribe Now subscription_center?add_user=Ehowbeauty Watch More www .African American moms are often concerned about keeping baby s hair soft. For example, Milkmomma from the Mom Community group Chocolate Mommies says “My . mo old has very dry hair. I have been using jojoba oil ad safflower oil in it but I am curious to know what other mommies use.” Many moms .My goodness! She s gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing! I ve been concerned with the dryness but have also been using coconut oil in her hair since she was born. I ve added alittle olive oil and I plan to use just a tad of shea butter as well. My baby girl has very full hair so I didn t want to disturb it too much by overloading it..

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