Does Wen Hair Care Work

Wen is a “cleansing conditioner” system there s no shampoo. You wash your hair with Wen, which is supposed to clean your hair without stripping your hair s shine and natural oils. According to its claims, you can wash your hair as many times in a row as you d like, and it won t dry out or get frizzy..But my sister was the one who always saw the wen hair care products on TV and wanted so bad. She always However, since my hair didn t do anything miraculous I stopped using it and went back to shampoo. Recently, I ve I used to work out, be sociable and wasn t embarrassed to go out in public..According to their claims, most shampoos lather up and contain agents in them that can strip hair of its natural oils. They claim their one bottle of cleansing conditioner actually takes the place of different products in your arsenal..Well, everyone s favorite infomercial hair care brand is now facing a new class action lawsuit brought forward by customers who say the products cause hair loss and scalp damage, among other issues. But before the Wen lovers among you freak out and recycle all those lovely brown glass pump bottles, .Read real customer reviews, see ratings and learn about customer experiences with WEN Cleansing Conditioner and Hair Care System. But it is great, and everyone asks how do I get my hair to look so good, and some don t even believe it s my own hair. Wen is fantastic, and so is the Mousse. I love wen! found .I also have naturally very light hair. The next day I went back to work and everyone thought I had highlighted my hair because it appeared so much lighter than the day before. I do still use the Wen once or twice a week for the conditioning aspects. But for a woman with light blond, thin, naturally oily hair, it is not great for .I ve never enjoyed shampooing my hair quite like I did that say. I applied my root lifter, blew it dry, and my hair styled like a dream. So, what do I think of Wen? I m not a fan. I don t think it s for everyone. I don t think it s a great product for those of us who use a few styling products on a daily basis. I found that it s quite heavy too .I have my theories as to why Wen causes hair loss, but since I m not a scientist and have no basis for my accusations, I will just keep quiet. Please do your research before purchasing Wen Cleansing Conditioner. As with many products on the market, if it sounds too good to be true, it just might be..See what Charing has to say about how the hair care system..Last year PeopleStyle spoke with Dr. Nicole Rogers, Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Tulane University School of Medicine, who has no commercial affiliation with Wen Hair Care. She didn t think people was a large enough sample to merit the class action lawsuit “I really think what .