Hair Care For Swimmers Chlorine

Swimming is by far my favorite summer activity. It s a total body workout that s easy on the joints, and makes me leaner, healthier, and more active. There s one thing I don t love about swimming Chlorine. If I m not careful, it can turn my skin itchy and red, and my hair dry and brittle. Since I swim almost every .While I m still convinced that the best way to protect your hair from chlorine is by keeping your hair out of the water, I was pleasantly surprised at how effective these so called “Sunday shampoos” could be, not only as after swimming shampoos, but in my everyday routine. Being a dry shampoo enthusiast, .

Preventing chlorine and sunlight damage to hair is not hard. This guide explains how swimmers, water polo players, and other aquatic athletes can care for their hair..Hair Care Tips For After Chlorine sitting on your hair all day and baking in the sun is surefire disaster for blondes or anyone with Bustle .