How To Care For African American Hair

How To Care For African American Hair. African-American hair has very open cuticles, which allows moisture to penetrate but also implies that it has the tendency to dry. Chemical straighteners can increase dryness because their function is to break down hair by changing its pH balance. Keeping hair straightened properly is not difficult.

The care is based on moisturizing, which not only keeps the hair strong but also enhances the elegant appearance that the straightening creates. With a little extra attention you can keep the hair straightened with the same effort you use for natural hair care.

Follow the hairdresser’s recommendations regarding the time you should wait to wash your hair after a straightening treatment. Generally you should wait three days to a week.

Treat the hair with a rebuilder after the first shampooing. Leave the product on the hair the time recommended by the manufacturer; do not skimp on time. This will help straighten the hair.

Wash your hair once or twice a week, using a mild shampoo. Concentrate on massaging the shampoo on the scalp and let it run to the tips. Finish with a deep conditioner, concentrating mainly on the ends. Leave the conditioner for five to 10 minutes, while you shave or exfoliate or what you normally do while you shower.

How To Care For African American Hair

Wrap your hair in a turban or absorbent towel when you have finished showering. Do not wrap or rub it, let the material absorb the excess water.

Untangle the hair with a wide tooth comb. Wait for it to air dry, lifting it from the roots with your fingers every few minutes.

Give your hair a warm oil treatment once a week. Warm the olive or almond oil in the microwave or place a small bowl of oil in a larger one filled with hot water. Massage the oil along and to the tips of the hair. Wrap it in a turban or a handkerchief to sleep and leave the oil overnight.

Sleep with a satin cover when you do not wrap your hair to prevent it from breaking due to friction.


Never apply smoothing treatments more often than 8 or 10 weeks or you can permanently damage your hair.