How To Take Care Of 4c Hair

Everyone wants their hair to grow long and strong, because, why not? “Healthy hair requires balance. You can have too much of a good thing. Too much moisture, protein, and wearing the same hairstyle can all cause breakage,” says Curly Nikki writer, Amanda Starghill. Make sure your regimen doesn t .NaturalMeC Kriss Use moisturizing products. Cleanse your scalp thoroughly. Don t pile your coils on top of your head and rub products on your hair. Use a product that has lots of slip. Don t rip through knots and tangles! Don t overuse styling products..Follow with a cream such as shea butter or a leave in conditioner. This method of moisturizing your hair is known as the LOC method. It seals in moisture and is a crucial step for women with c natural hair. Pull your hair into a loose ponytail or pineapple. Then wrap your hair with a satin bonnet or scarf..Once you figure out what your C hair needs all you have to apply is the consistency and the focus pieces of the mantra we spoke about and you will have a successful hair journey. In this post, I wanted to take some time to really look at C hair care and give you some insight on how you can take care of .However, there are plenty of ways to not only maintain but grow long tightly coiled hair. Here are five tips to growing and maintaining hair length. . Routine is everything. It doesn t matter if you are going on a fitnesst, or hair journey, every journey you take needs a plan and a solid routine that will help .UPDATE MY VIEWERS, SAYS, I DON T HAVE C HAIR! WATCH CAN YOU SEE MY C HAIR .I hope you enjoyed the video. Thank You for watching. Twitter @_Pixie_Chan_ Instagram Pixie_Neko_Chan .The C hair type is probably the most challenging to care for. Here are three simple tips to help you have healthy hair..Determining your hair type can be an annoying process. However, it can prove to be helpful in that you learn how to take care and maintain your hair. What needs to be done for one hair type may not work for another. c hair is especially fragile and being equipped with the necessary information to keep .May , am. I really appreciate the information on how to take care of my kinky natural hair. I bought a lot of Shea products because I wasn t sure what my hair type was. Now I know because of you. I would like to know if it matters what type of shampoo to use on type c hair? Thank you so much .

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