How To Take Care Of Synthetic Hair

Comb out tangles with a wide tooth comb gently. To make the combing process easier, wet the hair by spritzing it with a spray bottle filled with water or detangling spray. If the hair has a really tight curl pattern, use your fingers to comb the hair..Wash with lukewarm to cold water. Use a conditioner that is very oily, like a deep conditioning treatment avocado or almond . Rinse off but leave just a little in, to prevent tangling. Do not blow dry, this will cause a lot of useless tangles that will ruin your extensions..HOW TO BRING YOUR FRIZZY WIG WEAVE BACK TO LIFE! Eva Wigs Duration .How to wash synthetic hair including wigs, hair pieces, and synthetic hair extensions Products used I K .Human hair is costly and some women opt for synthetic hair which is cheaper. However, in order for them to last and look good at the same time, you must take good care of synthetic hair. ALSO READ ways to care for your hair while wearing a hijab. Here is how to take care of your synthetic hair .Use a mild shampoo or shampoo formulated to clean synthetic hair . In a sink or basin, mix a capful Allow your hairpiece to air dry on a wig stand or on top of a hair spray canister. Avoid using a styrofoam Once dry, spray sheen or detangling spray onto the wig and comb or brush, depending on the type of wig you have .A wig brush or pick, synthetic safe shampoo and conditioner, leave in conditioner spray, and friction free towel are your basic care products. If you like big hair, and I know some of you can t resist it, synthetic safe hair spray and mousse are also available. Never try to use regular shampoo or hairspray on .Only an appropriate comb or a hair brush will help you to maintain your extension. There are specifically designed brushes meant for extensions. When it comes to curly extensions, it is best to shop for the good quality combs and brushes. Curling Tools Try curling the extensions carefully. Even the curly synthetic extensions .If you want your synthetic hair extensions to last, you are going to have to take good care of them. When compared to natural hair extensions, synthetic ones will take a bit more time and effort to care for. But when you take into consideration how much cheaper synthetic hair extensions are, you can still save a great deal .What Products I Use to Wash Synthetic Hair. I still use the first wig shampoo I ever bought, which is Revlon Texturizing Shampoo for Synthetic Hair. It s a basic shampoo, but what I like about it is it removes a bit of the synthetic shine that many synthetic wigs and toppers have. Moreso than other shampoos, .