Korean Hair Care Products

A few years ago I dared to try certain hair products that would help me, at that time, with dry, long and dyed hair. And I ventured to explore different Korean hair care products to demystify if Asians have wonderful hair did not need products as potent as us (why are so popular here in Chile the United States or Italian products, because they meet the needs of Latina girls who tend to look for the most efficient products for dry or damaged hair by dyeing) But as modern Korean girls apply color and are more daring with their hair, wait to find restorative alternatives that meet the needs.

I will explain that my hair is currently mixed: oily on the roots and dry on tips. Thick and wavy.

I found good alternatives and in some cases I was surprised by the efficiency, in another I found them regular. I will talk about products that still remain in sales, although I will make an honorable mention to some that were very good and I do not understand why they were discontinued 🙁

Skinfood line Argan Oil (Silky and Repair)

Korean Hair Care Products

This line is a renewed version of Skinfood’s classic hair products. From a time on they extended the line, renewed their image a couple of times, but not in their formula. I have tried the new ones and the old ones and I do not see difference.

According to Skinfood this line contains Argan oil among another 18 softening ingredients.

Argan oil comes from Morocco and is rich in vitamin E and squalene (antioxidant ingredient that repels water) preserves internal hydration and generates a protective film on the hair.

The line is free of parabens, alcohol and artificial colors.

This product line is divided into two types:

Silk +
Repair +

And as they indicate, they fulfill different functions and different terrains.

Skinfood Argan Oil Silk + Hair Shampoo

Korean Hair Care Products

This is a shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Its texture is smooth and it is noticeable free of sulfates (it costs a lot of foaming) ideal for a light cleaning and that does not damage the hair or eliminate the color.

The aroma is similar to all products of argan, perfumed with a touch of almond blossom.

In general, the experience I had with these products was delicate cleaning, ideal when dyeing the hair with henna and not to leave the color. However, as I have the fat roots, I rotated it with a deep cleansing shampoo.

I recommend it for dyed or very dry hairs from root to tip. Hair of greasy roots, limit yourself to use it only if you dye your hair.



Skinfood Argan Oil Silk + Hair Mask Pack

Korean Hair Care Products

Before mentioning the conditioner, I prefer to start with this treatment that is a classic of Skinfood. It is a fast effect capillary mask (pack)

This was the first product I used for hair and I fell in love. To mention that I have been using it for years and I have not wanted to change, alternated with other treatments but it is always in my shower when I need it.

Once I alternated it with the egg Mak Pack of the same brand, but it was more nutrition than anything, regular in its function.

It is a very softening treatment: As its name mentions, being of the Silk line its characteristic is to control the frizz and give it shine and tangle in the hair.

In general you can use it expressly, 2 to 3 times a week, apply it after shampooing and let it act for 3 to 5 min, rinse and you will see results quickly. Another alternative is to be able to apply it for more than 15 minutes for a more intense treatment.

The result is wonderful, as I have a lot of hair frizz is a terrible problem in my hair, in winter I had to wear hats or braids so that my lack of control was not seen, I tried many treatments but this product lowers my static and softens a lot, desenredo with ease my hair. Ideal for hair that needs to protect the hair from external effects and have problematic hair.