Silk Pillowcase For Hair Care

When my sister told me silk pillowcases were healthier for hair than cotton ones, my ears perked up through the tangly mop atop my head. I was intrigued, as sleeping happens to be the majority of my hair care routine. I ve always had a lot of hair. When I was little, the women at Supercuts used to call .This one feels even finer and softer than many of the other silk pillowcases out there, less crisp and pristine. More importantly, though, it helps blown out hair retain its shape and shine. “The silky surface helps cut down on hair breakage,” says Kazin. “Skin also slides over the slippery surface more easily, so you won t see .

A Z of fabric care. Straight talking advice from the Good Housekeeping Institute..My bag is pretty “whacked” on the exterior, but remains in very secure, solid condition! One of my better investments, I have to say .