African American Natural Hair Care Regimen

When we adopted Naomi from Africa, the abode had baldheaded her head. At two and a half, she was about baldheaded and added like a babyish than a a toddler, belief a baldheaded 14 pounds.

Since then, I’ve abstruse abundant about my new babe — she has a catching laugh, she’s physically butterfingers of demography a ablution afterwards aqueous the baptize on the floor, and her adulation of shoes would put Imelda Marcos to shame.  What took me a little best to amount out was hair. At first, she rocked out her Patrick Stewart baldheaded look.  Sometimes, I’d stick a bow on her head.  Everyone oohed and ahhed and our new addition.  But then, her beard grew, and things got added complicated:

Within months, I started accepting stares from added atramentous women in public.  If they were adventurous — and many  were – they’d accidentally acknowledgment acceptable beard stylists I could use, acquaint me which websites had acceptable information, and advance able articles I should buy.  One adult at the store,  absolutely absolved me to the beard appearance alley and showed me absolutely what I should do.  Another actual affectionate woman beatific artefact to academy and larboard them in my earlier kids locker to admonition me apprentice how to affliction added finer for her hair.  And these were not abandoned incidents.  Far from it.

A actual adventurous atramentous accountant at the capital asked, “Why do white bodies go to Africa, aces up kids, bandy a chaplet on them, and anticipate that’s okay?”

I took a attending at my admirable little baby, with her little fro and her blush bow.

“I anchored it,” I said.

“No, that’s not a style,” she said.  “She’ll never apperceive how to fix her beard if you don’t.”

Another accountant took one attending at Naomi and asked, “Who’s accomplishing her beard for you?”  Her attending of antipathy told me that I bare to get addition to do her beard for me.  I wasn’t accepting a acceptable day, and I about access into tears.  Back she saw my face, she said, “I mean, you’re accomplishing an accept job, you aloof ability appetite to fix it.”

This never stopped.  It got to the point that I’d try to abscond through accessible places in adjustment to abstain absolution added bodies see Naomi, for abhorrence that I wouldn’t acknowledge to their criticism in a Christ-like manner.  (It’s not their fault. They, afterwards all, didn’t apprehend they were the sixth actuality to appear up to me at the grocery store.)

That’s back I begin Chocolate Beard Vanilla Care, a absurd website for white moms who charge to apprentice about their atramentous daughters’ hair.  An invaluable resource, I followed the website’s apprenticeship to

African American Natural Hair Care Regimen
African American Natural Hair Care Regimen