Hair Care Kit For American Girl Dolls

The American Babe cast wants to brainwash and empower adolescent girls. 

But at what cost?

The admired cast accustomed acclaim this anniversary afterward the announcement that it would add a new actual appearance to its collection: Melody, a Civilian Rights activist in 1963 Detroit with a affection for music.

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The baby has been in development for over two years, and was created in appointment with an advising lath that included backward Civilian Rights activist Julian Bond and above controlling administrator of the Detroit NAACP JoAnn Watson. American Babe hopes Melody will advise adolescent accouchement the history of the Civilian Rights movement, and empower adolescent girls to acquisition their articulation and angle up for what they accept in. 

The doll, which was appear during Atramentous History Month, is actuality appear in the ambience of today’s Black Lives Matter movement and acute discussions about badge atrocity in the United States.

“We did not actualize her adventure in absolute acknowledgment to contest accident today,” Julie Parks, a aggregation agent for American Girl, tells Mashable. “That said, we achievement Melody and her belief will serve as a way to admit conversations amid girls and their parents who appetite to allocution about these important issues in a absolute and allusive way.”

Many say that the baby is a footfall in the appropriate administration for a cast that has been ahead criticized for its abridgement of representation of bodies of color. 

But others are anxious that Melody’s $115 amount tag ability anticipate her from extensive the easily of some adolescent girls who ability account from her bulletin the most.

Most American Babe dolls — including its signature band of actual characters and band of customizable dolls advised to attending “just like you”— amount $115. Additional apparel ambit from $24 to $52 a piece. 

If a ancestor were to buy their adolescent every accent and accouterments in a actual character’s line, it would set them aback over $600.

These prices are far college to American Girl’s arch competitors in the boilerplate toy market. Barbies alpha at $9.99, while Mattel’s Elsa baby — one of the best in-demand toys aftermost year — costs $14.99.

“It is a high-end baby cast that offers a lot of quality. From the beard to the clothes, to the packaging, accepting an American Babe baby is a absolutely appropriate experience,” Marissa DiBartolo, chief editor of industry website, says. “The dolls are acutely able-bodied made, and a lot of bodies accede them to be collector’s items rather than aloof toys.”

Hair Care Kit For American Girl Dolls
Hair Care Kit For American Girl Dolls