Hair Care Products List

Hair Care Products List

No matter the texture, color or style, almost everyone wants a hair that looks as if it had been uniformed, specialized and refined by a professional salon every day, right?

But if your busy schedule does not allow you to dry for two weeks and you prefer the extra twenty minutes in bed every morning to waiting for air in you to do it or fight with pins, read on, because we’ve been talking to some experts in The business to describe seven main rules for hair to live with healthier, happier and more manageable hair.

1) Rethink the way you wash your hair

Mintel reports that 33% of women who have changed their washing habits in the last 12 months cite concerns about damage as the main reason, so how often do they have to wash?

Well, industry experts argue that more or less.

“Excess washing can damage the hair, especially if the hair is bleached, dyed, chemically treated or naturally very dry or porous,” said Steve Rowbottom, co-director Westrow. “When you wash your hair every day, it removes the natural oils and proteins you need to keep your hair and scalp healthy, so try to limit hair washing up to three times a week if possible.”

But that depends on your hair type.

The best shampoo for coarse, rough and curly hair

“The more hair you have, the more time you can spend between washers,” explained dermatologist Dr. Doris Day. If you have thick hair, thick, curly hair, select the moisturizing shampoo to clean, as Percy & Reed is perfectly Perfecting Wonder Wash Shampoo, 18. It was also sulfate free, so it will not erase its colors.

The best shampoo for fine hair

Bumble and Bumble's Gentle Shampoo

“The thinner and straighter your hair, the quicker the weakening oil will be,” says Steve, “so you can do it faster for the oil. If you have hair that is very simple, you may not be able to go any further. two days without washing. ” If you have straight and smooth hair, choose a mild shampoo like Bumble and Bumble’s Gentle Shampoo, $62, which is very good in strands.

The best shampoo for dyed hair

If you dye your hair regularly, you should avoid washing your hair every day to prevent the color from discoloring and drying out. The same applies to the length that has just been dyed.

“Leave your hair at least 72 hours after removing the color before washing it again,” said Kamila Pruszek, lounge manager at the award-winning West London salon, Blue Tit. “It can take up to three days for the hair cuticle to close completely, trapping a colored molecule.If you wash your hair before the cuticle closes, you risk altering the newly applied color and it is likely to disappear. its beautiful new color. ”

When you finally wash your hair, avoid the shampoo that contains sulfate and silicon. Sulfate can damage color, while silicon leaves a residue that can make its new color look dull. Stylists recommend Care Shampoo Color Pureology Hydrate, $28, which clears from root to tip without removing their colored strands and Moroccan Oil Moisturizing Shampoo, $14, to eliminate the buildup and nourish long porous.

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

The best shampoo for African or Caribbean hair

Afro and Caribbean hair can be very dry due to its unique texture, which also makes it very fragile. Most hairdressers say that the problem they see with this type of hair comes from heaps of dirt on the scalp and the damage caused by unraveling. KeraCare Hydrating Detangling Shampoo, $35, is specifically designed to restore moisture and adhesion to your hair. Remember, dry shampoo is your friend

Avlon Keracare Sulfate Free Hydrating Shampoo and Humecto Creme Conditioner

“If you’re susceptible to oily hair, use some dry shampoo between the washers to absorb the excess fat,” advises Steve. “But try to avoid being too dependent on dry shampoo because it can cause buildup on the scalp and clog the hair follicles, which can inhibit hair growth.” If you really struggle to avoid frequent washing, remember that certain styles work better, and look better, on unwashed hair. The braids, the head scarves and the crooked bows look very good for those who are between wash times. ”

Buying the next generation of dry shampoo is much more than removing the fat roots.

2) Always use protection

Hair can be damaged by both UV and heated equipment, such as an iron, a hair clip and even your trusted hair dryer, so it’s important to protect it.

“When you dry your hair at home, always use a heat shield,” said hairdresser Mark Wooley of Electric Hairdressing. Try a heat protection spray with UV protection, 12.95 pounds, to condition it from the inside out and protect it from damage from the iron and electric shock.

And when it dries, make sure not to hold the dryer too close to its length, to prevent splitting, smooth the edges. “As a test, put the hair dryer in your hand and see how fast it pulls it when you hold it close to the skin.”

3) Be pro dry

Good dry drying should last at least a few days, depending on your hair type, and there are several products that will help you prolong the life of your style. You can also bypass the tools with the multi-tasking function of your hairstyle, as celebrity stylist Dan Sharp explains: “Style does not always have to include hot tools – if there is a fierce blast on Monday, take it out on Tuesday and Wednesday make an extraordinary ponytail, making your style last a few days will help enormously to prevent damage. ”

The perfect burst at home is not as difficult as it seems and if you invest in some good tools, it will be easier.

“Start by lifting your head and shaking your hair when you have dried it,” said hair care expert Harry Josh. “The more you move, the more volume you get, after drying about 80 percent, turn it back and dry it to make it smooth, focus on the polished edge, the last three inches are the key: move your brush and dryer to the end of the thread and take your time.That will make all the difference.Most people come from side to side, which makes curly and static hair push it everywhere. ”

4) Remember the rules of a good tool

Think of your hair as your skin: what you wear will affect you. Investing in good quality products and tools will keep your hair looking healthy and strong.

“People are cheap with what they wear on their hair, but they will not dream of treating their cashmere sweaters that way,” said Redken’s hairdresser and ambassador, Tracy Cunningham.

“At home, you have to have round brushes to dry your hair, Mason Pearson styling brushes and combs to move your hair a little,” said the hair legend and creative director of Global Redken, Guido Palau.

It is worth investing in good brushes and, although they may have a price that is more expensive than others, if the brush seems to last forever. Keep your brush clean and free of dead hair, oil and stacking products by washing it in a mixture of baking soda and warm water once a month.

Here’s how to choose the right hairbrush, according to your hair type.

5) Conditions in the right way

A good conditioner is also important in any type of hair, especially in thick and curly hair.

“For curly hair that is very texturized, it is always in a condition,” said the famous hairdresser, Ted Gibson. “There are no two conditioners here.” Deep conditioning involves the use of a conditioner that will increase the moisture and strength (protein) in the hair.You must use heat by applying the conditioner to your hair while showering and letting it rest while bathing or covering. your hair with a plastic cap and applying heat from the outside like a hair dryer.

“I think it’s important to use a conditioner without rinsing and also not to wash the shampoo too often, rinse if you want, but you do not need to wash it.”

To make sure your hair really absorbs the conditioner, dry your hair after shampooing. Excess water means that the conditioner will not be able to penetrate the hair shaft and provide the moisture necessary to keep the hair looking healthy and shiny. If you lack time, at least squeeze out the excess water.


Serious conditioner TIGI S-Factor

Approved by some of the best hairdressers in the industry, the TIGI conditioner avoids hairy and curly ends, which makes coarse, rough and colored hair much more manageable.

£ 17.95,

Mazuri Shea Butter Fresh Start Conditioner

This natural conditioner uses shea butter and coconut oil to break down, nourish and give a sparkling shine. Our hair never feels more silk.

£ 6.99,

And where it applies it is also important.

“Conditioners just need to be in the middle and at the ends of your hair,” stylist Kerrie Urban said. “Try not to put the conditioner on the root because it will cause your scalp to become fatty faster.”

It is also a good idea to think about the future and anticipate situations in which the hair dries.

“While exercising, he’s sweating, which means his hair gets wet with the sweat that can actually dry him,” said hairdresser Andy LeCompte, an LA resident. “Before going to the gym (especially during the summer, but this also works throughout the year), wet your hair and add conditioner from the center to the tips.Rinse the post-workout conditioner and you will stay with shiny and hydrated hair. ”

6) Sharpen your brushing technique

Nobody wants tangled mess for the mane, so it is always necessary to brush your teeth, but do not tear your keys without thinking. According to Guy, being too aggressive will only cause damage, and nobody wants to compete with the soft ends of the hair.

“For hair that is really bright, healthy and untangled, you have to brush your hair twice a day,” said hairdresser Laura Superbi. “Once in the morning and once before bed, about one minute at a time.”

So, what is the best technique?

“Brushing from the root causes damage, always brush from the bottom and elevate,” advises Tracey Cunningham’s hairdresser, especially if she has long hair.

And the tool you use should change when your hair is wet to prevent breakage and static.

“When your hair is soaked, it is weaker, brittle and more susceptible to damage,” said hairdresser Nicky Clarke. Store your brush when your hair is dry and use a wide-tooth comb. The teeth are designed to slide through wet hair, especially if it is rough, wavy or curly, much easier than a toothbrush, and there will be less damage if it dries. Try 3 more inches by Michael Van Clarke Safety Comb, £ 17.50. Hand made of vulcanized rubber, minimizes the hook, so the hair cuticle remains smooth.

7) Build your hair care store

If you have good hair

People with fine hair should be careful when it comes to anything that contains oil such as argan, coconut or olive. While it is very devastating for these magical ingredients, it may be too much for fine hair. Too much and will add weight to hair that makes it heavy, flat and flaccid. Aloe oil is a good alternative because it is much lighter and healthier without the hair looking or feeling greasy.

Test: Philip Kingsley Maximiser

Volumizing modeling spray for soft, flabby and tangled hair. It provides a super body and maximum volume. Hold the hair, while adding shine and soften the curls. For use on wet hair, but can also be used on dry hair as a lotion.

£ 23.50,

If you have thick hair

Thick hair requires more hydration than fine-textured hair because of its wider diameter. We recommend investing in products that dampen moisture to meet the needs of the drier ends and the newer roots. If you feel that your hair is prone to wrinkles, choose a mild softening product that domesticates and does not weigh your style. If your hair is wavy or curly, you may need a heavier cream or serum.

Try: Kérastase Nutritive Bain Satin 2 Shampoo

This hard working shampoo gently cleanses hair without removing moisture. This restores moisture, shines and also leaves a shield on the surface of the fiber to protect it from further dryness. The hair will be soft, smooth and manageable.

£ 19.50,

If you have afro hair

With its unique structure, Afro-Caribbean hair is the most vulnerable to the damage of all hair textures. He has special needs for processing, design and maintenance, and product requirements that are suitable for him. Being curly of this type is easily entangled and much damage occurs because it is attractive, so it is important to be careful. Always start at the end and proceed to your roots with a wide-tooth comb.

Try: Charlotte Mensah Manketti Hair Oil

£ 48,

If you have rough or curly hair

Thick, curly hair is often dehydrated because it is harder for natural oils to walk the stem and cover the entire strand. Jojoba oil and shea butter are perfect because they are similar to our natural hair oils. This type of hair can be difficult to fix if it has been washed for a long time and becomes curly, but do not be tempted to grab something that is too silicone, as it will dull its color and eventually cause more curl. Pre-shampoo treatment can produce miracles in thick hair that provides shine and hydration.

Test: Treatment of Leonor Greyl L’Huile De Pre-Shampoo

Apply to dry half the length and the end and distribute with the comb, making sure that all the threads are covered. Let it work for five to 10 minutes (or overnight), then the shampoo comes out.

£ 30,

If your hair is damaged

Those who have dyed hair should avoid the shampoo that contains sulfate and silicon because they will remove the color and leave a residue that will make their new color look dull and smooth.

Test: Moroccanoil Hair Restorative Mask

Give you and your hair a treatment with a protein-rich mask. Not only does it give life to sad hair directly, but it also implants the protein into strands with a reparative formula rich in argan oil and shea butter to restore the elasticity of the hair and rebuild its strength from the inside out.

£ 32.85,