How To Take Care Of African American Relaxed Hair

Despite judgements and trends, atramentous women at ASU should abutment anniversary other’s decisions apropos hair

ASU inferior Jiaya Echevarria poses for a photo on the Tempe campus in Tempe, Arizona, on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.

Hair and claimed character are integrally affiliated for abounding in the atramentous community. 

Hair is abounding with actual access and has emerged as a hot affair in accepted culture. The focus and choices apropos beard for atramentous academy acceptance is a anatomy of claimed announcement with abundant implications, said Ersula Ore, an abettor assistant of African and African American studies and rhetoric.

“The issues and conversations about atramentous beard and atramentous adorableness will consistently be in circulation,”  she said. 

Understanding how atramentous beard has functioned in association throughout history is important to how conversations about the affair are navigated today, Ore said. 

“It is account it to accept a chat and assortment out the history so bodies accept the choices they are authoritative and why they are authoritative those choices,” she said. 

Through the decades, accepted styles from afros in the ’60s and ’70s to perms in the ’90s accept served as symbols of empowerment amid atramentous women.

“Now in the 21st aeon we are aback to valorizing accustomed beauty,” Ore said. 

From American pop-soul accompanist and songwriter Solange’s song “Don’t Touch My Hair” to the 2018 adventurous ball trending on Netflix, “Nappily Ever After,” the chat of ‘going natural’ is surfacing in accepted culture.

Ore said the agitation about how to appearance beard and what styles are “appropriate” is “steeped in a beyond chat about whiteness, self-hate, airs and internalized oppression.”  

Despite all of the controversies and implications surrounding atramentous hair, there is no one appearance ASU acceptance subscribe to.

Karen Santos, a chief majoring in exercise and wellness, had been accepting her beard airy her accomplished life.

“As a kid, you don’t absolutely accept what a relaxer is absolutely doing,” Santos said.

Relaxers are fabricated with the chemical, sodium hydroxide which makes the beard align faster and can advance to beard thinning, breakage, attic burns, attic infections and respiratory issues.  

Santos said she absitively accustomed beard was the abutting footfall in her beard journey.  

In March 2018, Santos’s acquaintance and hairstylist chopped off her hair. Santos runs a YouTube approach area she depicts her beard adventure and acquaint her own video talking about her big chop experience. 

How To Take Care Of African American Relaxed Hair
How To Take Care Of African American Relaxed Hair