How To Take Care Of Sewn In Hair Extensions

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From abbreviate albino pixies to waist-length strands, Zendaya has approved about every hairstyle beneath the sun. And she’s the aboriginal to acquaint you that she loves to admit the advice of extensions, wigs and weaves to accomplish them happen. But she thinks bodies may be apprenticed about the art and science abaft all of it, so she’s breaking it all bottomward in a new video on her website. Here are the highlights, according to Z:

Extensions“These are clips, they are a anatomy of addendum that you blow into your hair,” she says, captivation up a character of beard with a blow absorbed to it. She again holds up a agnate allotment after a clip, saying, “This is a track. Advance can be fabricated into clips, they can be taped into hair, or they can be sewn into hair.”

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Weaves“A complect is back you complect your beard up, you accept a net over it and you complect the beard — the advance — into the net that is sewn assimilate your head,” she says. “You can accept it up to a ages and some change depending on how your beard grows and how you booty affliction of it. You charge get it re-done, it can’t break on forever, that is disgusting.”

Lace-Front Wigs How does she cull off her many, abounding hairstyles after a adumbration of beard damage? It’s all in the lace-front. “Those are the best back it comes to full-coverage and attractive natural. They can be activated with band and/or glue. I abrasion them back I appetite a absolutely altered look.”

And as for the accustomed curls she’s antic in the video? Those are 100 percent hers.

“Many bodies ask bodies with coiled hair, ‘How do you accept coiled hair?’ There is this amazing thing… Water,” she says. “I know, it’s crazy. You put a atramentous girl’s beard in this, it’ll coil up. For anybody who’s apprehensive how bodies get their beard so curly, they usually booty a shower.”

So if you didn’t know, now you know.

How To Take Care Of Sewn In Hair Extensions
How To Take Care Of Sewn In Hair Extensions