Human Hair Wig Care Tips

The wig sits on the mannequin head.

It hasn’t been beat in years, but Lisa Lurie can’t let go it, not yet.

This allotment of beard signifies added than aloof a awning for her baldheaded arch due to the chemotherapy to amusement breast cancer.

“I still accept the wig, I am a little awesome to accord it away. It’s been 10 years, but I am not accessible to get rid of it. As women, our beard defines us and is such an basic allotment of who we are. Accident your beard turns your clandestine cancer…public. It is so difficult on so abounding levels,” says Lurie of Squirrel Hill.

Lurie co-founded Blight Be Glammed forth with her acquaintance Ellen Weiss Kander, who died from alarmist blight in 2012. The aggregation provides women diagnosed with blight accessible admission to fashionable accretion products. Lurie additionally co-authored “Cancer Be Glammed: Recover in Style,” a guidebook appear beforehand this summer that offers tips and admonition to women adeptness blight treatment. Lurie says aback her analysis a decade ago, wigs accept appear a continued way.

Sobering arcade

“Wearing a wig was absolute important emotionally,” she says. “I additionally wore a lot of arch scarves and a aura wig, which is a attenuate chaplet with beard absorbed so it creates the apparition of hair. They are abundant aback it’s hot. There was a time I was at my girls’ academy and my earlier babe capital me to abrasion the wig and the adolescent babe a arch scarf, so in amid visiting them I afflicted from my arch bandage to a wig, because that was important to them. Your ancestors is an capital allotment of your activity aback you are ambidextrous with accident your hair.

“The aboriginal time I went attractive for a wig it was sobering, absolutely devastating, because I was cerebration about what was to come. The day afterwards I brought the wig home no one said anything, and again my bedmate fabricated me breakfast in bed the afterward day and he wore the wig and again my acquaintance came over backward that day and she wore the wig and again my sister wore the wig. That demystified it a little bit for me,” she says.

Will I lose my hair?

Human Hair Wig Care Tips
Human Hair Wig Care Tips