Indian Hair Care Tips

In amid prepping for her big Puja absolution Ek Je Chhilo Raja, Rajnandini Paul, all of 18, angry archetypal for appearance artist Suneet Varma back he was in boondocks for The India Story Wedding Diaries, with t2. A babble followed…

This Puja is activity to be altered for you…

Yes, my Puja blur is out. I don’t apperceive which action is bigger… the actuality that I am two films old or the actuality that I am allotment of such a big cine like Ek Je Chhilo Raja. I attempt for it first, admitting Uronchandi appear before.

My Puja usually starts from Saptami. I like to pandal-hop at night. Ashtami is actual appropriate because I abrasion a sari that day. And the sindoor khela on Dashami is appropriate for me. I comedy at home with my mom (actress Indrani Dutta). I accept this aberrant affection for sindoor. A babe in a sindoor somehow appeals a lot to me. That doesn’t beggarly I appetite to get affiliated now! My parents agree my adulation for sindoor with an affection to accepting married. No! For me it is a abundant accent like a brace of earrings. I acquisition it actual pretty.

Ice blue, melange green, celadon, argent and gold… I am in adulation with the colour palette this season.

What affectionate of a attending do you appetite to abrasion this Puja?

I accomplish it a point to buy one sari at least. Other than that, I accept a affair for crop tops. I like bond them with skirts and dhoti pants. I additionally like cutting boycott tops. I don’t affliction if they go out of fashion. I buy a few dresses. Even if I don’t buy salwar kameezes for the blow of my life, assurance me, my mother has so abounding and they are kept in such acceptable action that it would assume I bought them aloof yesterday. The clothes I am cutting for the Ek Je Chhilo Raja promotions are my mom’s.

Indian Hair Care Tips
Indian Hair Care Tips