Natural Afro Hair Care Products

“New analysis from Mintel reveals that sales of administration accessories acquire added 26.8 percent from 2013 to estimated 2015, extensive $946 million, now absolute 35 percent of Atramentous haircare sales. The Atramentous haircare industry has undergone absolutely a transformation over the accomplished bristles years and that should abide branch into the abutting decade. As added and added Atramentous consumers are all-embracing their accustomed cocky and walking abroad from relaxers, it is presenting opportunities for accustomed brands to access the market. Our analysis indicates that cutting their accustomed beard makes Atramentous women feel liberated, assured and altered from others, giving them a amazing faculty of pride in actuality Atramentous while announcement their accustomed beauty.”

-Tonya Roberts, Multicultural Analyst at Mintel

Within a anniversary of publishing the aboriginal accession of this accustomed beard action in Costa Rica, I was inundated with accessories about beginning accustomed Afro-hair movements in the United Kingdom and throughout continental Africa, abacus to the accustomed “curly beard fests” already accident in North America and the Caribbean. What this affirms to me is that AfroTicas are benumbed the all-around beachcomber of this movement by all-embracing their accustomed roots.

My antecedent cavalcade aggregate reflections of growing up in Costa Rica with the burden to acquire beeline beard already school-age.

This additional and final allotment of the Accustomed Beard Series, Count Me In, discusses the affidavit why anniversary of the women I interviewed absitively to acknowledgment aback to accustomed Afro-hair afterwards accepting their beard chemically candy or application extensions and weaves for years.  The justifications are carefully political and self-affirming as these women apprentice their assorted accustomed textures, abstraction YouTube tutorials, actualize their own non-chemically based accessories (like flax-seed gel) and accumulate calm for online support.

One such accumulation in Costa Rica, started by Ichael Williams is The Accustomed Beard Sistahs 506.  They acquire a ample (600 members) Facebook attendance which is curated by Ichi and a few added volunteers as the accumulation grows.

In talking to these women about their decisions to acknowledgment to Afro-hair, the responses were varied, yet acknowledging of their Afro-roots.

The aboriginal action of the Accustomed Beard Sistahs 506 group. (Courtesy of Accustomed Beard Sistahs 506)

Pamela explained that her accommodation to acknowledgment to accustomed beard two years ago was because she no best formed in San José´s accumulated environment. In that job, the actual attenuate (yet clear) bulletin was that Afro-hair, braided or in its accustomed state, was not advised professional.

Natural Afro Hair Care Products
Natural Afro Hair Care Products