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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A bill that would annihilate the charge for licensing for accustomed beard affliction professionals is dead.

The admeasurement has been agreeable hairs in the Tennessee Legislature for weeks.

Representative Antonio Parkinson fabricated the advertisement this morning in advanced of a army of bounded beard stylists and barbers.

“I am actuality to advertise that abode bill 1809 and Senate bill 233 is clearly dead! Cheers,” Rep. Parkinson said.

It’s a move abounding beard professionals accept been angry beyond the state.

“Had this bill passed, it would accept damaged our profession, like tremendously. Not alone in the accustomed beard care, I apperceive I’m a accustomed beard stylist. But accumulation the amount and barbering, that would accept been adverse to our profession,” accustomed beard stylist, Yvette Granger said.

If that bill passed, accustomed beard stylists would not accept been appropriate to chase the sanitation and assurance rules the accompaniment cosmetology lath sets forth.

That’s article these beard professionals say is not appropriate and puts barter at risk.

“I feel like if you are accomplishing assignment in the community, you charge to be accountant and certified,” Granger said.

“If I’m not affective my easily right, and I’m not charwoman my accoutrement right, and you accept some affectionate of infection in your attic – and I booty that aforementioned apparatus and put it in addition else’s hair, now they accept a disease,” she said.

“We alike use baking hot water. If you’re not accomplished in how to dip and dispense their hair, you can burn, not alone people, but children,” Granger said.

Rep. Parkinson says now that the bill is dead, it is time to advance advanced legislation that will assure consumers.

“We charge to accomplish abiding there is a complaint band visibly acquaint in every salon, and if we can get the braiding salons online again we will accomplish abiding that is acquaint also,” he said.

Natural Hair Care Classes Online
Natural Hair Care Classes Online

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